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How to Prevent an Air Conditioner from Freezing Up 

Nothing is better than an air-conditioned house during hot summer months. At the same time, nothing is worse than when an AC unit freezes up and stops working without warning. A few reasons can cause an air conditioner to freeze up without notice. These are ways to prevent problems with an air conditioner and ensure it does not freeze up during hot summer months.

Restricted Airflow

HVAC units use HEPA filters to keep the air clean even as the system blows over the coils. The air filtration systems are necessary for maintaining your indoor air quality. It removes dust and pollen from the indoor air. AC filters can aid in carbon monoxide protection and prevent an air conditioner from freezing up. When a filter accumulates dirt and grime and becomes clogged, it can collect all the particles in the air. That could translate to dirt and dust building up on top of the AC unit, which then affects the functionality of the system. A clogged coil could result in a drop in the temperature of the air conditioning unit. A decrease in temperature often makes an AC unit to freeze up. Garden City dwellers should consider changing humidifier filters frequently to prevent that from happening. Air conditioners now come with a recommended timeframe for replacing coils and filters. But the type of filter that an AC unit has can influence the air conditioning installation timeframe. Garden City homeowners should stick to the recommended timeline for heating services repair and maintenance to avoid freezing and other mechanical problems.

Free flow of air is essential for keeping an AC unit from freezing up. A dirty or clogged filter can prevent sufficient flow of air through the air duct. The coil will develop an ice layer if the air flowing through the coil is not enough. But replacing air filters and coils often not only helps prevent freeze-ups but also eliminates the need for frequent heat pump services and repairs. Experts recommend replacing air filters once every three months, but some manufacturers suggest doing so every month.

Too Much Water

Your AC unit must produce water as it pulls humidity out of the air. Part of the water that the HVAC unit emits passes over the condenser where it is used for cooling the hot air. The rest of the water flows back to the air condenser. But the water can sometimes fail to drain when the AC unit is not positioned well or due to a clog. As a result, the excess water will get tossed up onto the AC filters and coils and impact the efficiency of the unit. The excess water that gets to the cleaners and coils will eventually freeze and interfere with the functionality of the AC unit. When this happens, Garden City homeowners should investigate why their AC unit is holding water. That can be done by taking off the filter and cover and inspecting the inside of the air conditioner. If the inside of the unit has some debris, dirt, or clog, clean it thoroughly to allow free flow of water. Otherwise, try to tip the air conditioner backwards to help prevent the accumulation of excess water and improve its drainage.

Outdoor Temperature

Garden City homeowners are often tempted to cool their house down and run the air conditioner for reasons beyond the temperature of the outdoor air. Parties with lots of people, kids playing around the thermostat, and broken dryer vents can all raise the room temperature even when the outside does not feel hot. Turning the air conditioner on when the outside temperature is less than 60 degrees can cause the AC unit to freeze. AC units should not run at temperatures below 60 degrees because allowing cold air to blow over the filters and coils can cause freezing. Homeowners should find alternative ways to cool their homes down when the temperature drops below 60 degrees to prevent freezing. Opening the windows and turning on the fan are some of the alternatives of cooling a house down.

Charge the Refrigerant

An improperly charged refrigerator or running low on fluid can make an air conditioner to freeze. That can even result in a leak somewhere in the heating and cooling system. The refrigerant can run out when some joints and fittings become a little loose or when some parts are rubbing up against each other. In such a case, consider calling a qualified duct repair services technician to service your unit. Air conditioning service technicians can fix any broken or loose joints and fittings, refill the fluid, and perform maintenance to prevent the occurrence of potential freezing issues and leaks. Low refrigerant levels are culprits for ice buildup on HVAC units. Attempting to operate an AC unit with less refrigerant than usual can result in a pressure drop. The resulting pressure drop can cause the temperatures of the coil to drop below the freezing point. That can cause nearby water vapour to freeze onto the surface of the AC coil. A light coat of frost will start to form and eventually build up into a thick layer of ice.

Blower Fan

A faulty blower fan can interfere with the performance of an AC unit. With a defective blower, an air conditioner may not generate enough air to keep the coil from freezing or may not function at all. Either way, Garden City homeowners might need to have their blower fan checked by a qualified AC technician. Your AC technician will check the overall wear condition and age of the blower fan along with its motor. The technician can go beyond that to check the rotation speed, rotational direction, and power output of the blower fan.

Nothing is better than relaxing in a cold house during the hot summer months. Of course, no one would want to wilt in the heat as you wait for an AC technician to come to fix a malfunctioned or broken AC unit. Furnaces can sometimes cost you hundreds of dollars for furnace tuneup and fixing broken parts. Scheduling regular repairs with a reputable furnace technician can help prevent pipes and tubes from freezing up. Furnace repair experts leverage their knowledge and experience in the field to understand the source of a technical hitch to prevent it from recurring.

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