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Tips to Cut Down Air Conditioning Costs

An air conditioner can cause up to a 50% increase in the energy bill. However, homeowners can lessen the impact of humidifiers on their electricity bill through a few simple adjustments around their home. Unless you are a specialist in the HVAC industry, air conditioning, ventilation, and heating are a few concepts that are difficult to understand. However, saving money on heating or cooling a home does not have to scare you. Saving on electricity bill can sometimes involve investing in costly equipment. But here are a few tips to keep a home comfortable without spending a fortune.

Clean Your AC’s Filters

Cleaning filters on the AC unit is one of the things homeowners can do to reduce their energy bills. Keeping the home clean does not prevent hair and ducts accumulation from clogging the filters. Clogged air filters make the HVAC unit use more energy to keep a room at the desired temperature level. Consider cleaning or replacing filters often so that your energy bill does not skyrocket.

Use a Programmable Thermostat

Programmable thermostats can help homeowners in Meridian save on home heating and cooling in many ways. For example, a programmable thermostat never forgets to shut the AC unit off when the homeowner is away or adjust the temperature when the owner is at home. Wi-Fi-enabled thermostats let homeowners in Meridian manage their room temperature from their mobile devices. That means homeowners can leave their AC unit shut during the day and turn it on a few minutes before they get at home. A programmable thermostat also ensures that the HVAC unit does not use more electricity and work harder than usual. Its role is to stop the compressor after it generates the desired temperature. For maximum savings, homeowners should set their programmable thermostats to a lower temperature when they are indoors and higher when they are away from their home. Your room temperature may feel a little cold, given that the AC unit helps get rid of humidity in the air.


One way to save on heat pump services costs is to close vents in the lower areas of the house. Rising heat makes cold air to fall. One of the things homeowners are struggling with is keeping their homes fresh. You might have noticed that your basement feels cooler than inside the house. Keeping vents in the lower parts of the house closed can help redirect the cold air inside the home. With that, the living room can stay cool without consuming more energy bill.

Schedule an Annual AC Unit Inspection

Air conditioner technicians can inspect an AC and repair it to ensure efficiency throughout a hot summer season. Air conditioning services check for defects, replace air filters, service the unit, remove accumulated dirt, and address any other problem that would escalate into costly air conditioning installation and furnace tuneup. But homeowners can lengthen the service life and increase the energy efficiency of their AC unit by scheduling annual inspections with a reputable AC repair service. Never ignore problems with an air conditioner. Problems with an air conditioner during hot summer days may call for a need to consult a professional AC repairman. Minor issues with an air conditioner are easier to ignore, but that should come as a last resort. Contacting a professional AC technician as soon you notice a problem with an air conditioner can help prevent inconveniences and expenses that come with critical air conditioning repairs. Homeowners in Meridian can also avoid high energy bills that accompany malfunctioned air filtration systems. Homeowners should have their AC unit checked when they notice any of the following warning signs.

• Odor after duct repair services
• Decreased flow of air in the HEPA filters
• Strange noises from the AC unit
• Formation of ice on piping and air conditioner
• When the AC unit keeps cycling on and off

Install Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans can help increase air circulation and keep the room temperature low. Ceiling fans use less energy to keep indoor air circulating and maintain a home within a slightly warmer temperature level. That can help save on energy bill and maintain indoor air quality. Ceiling fans can make a room feel up to 8 degrees cooler by keeping the indoor air circulating. Ceiling fans make a home feel like a fresh breeze.

Seal Cracks and Crevices

No one needs to be super handy to seal up crevices and cracks around windows and doors using a caulking gun. Sealing cracks and crevices can help prevent the hot outdoor air from leaking inside and cold air from escaping outside. Weatherstripping windows and doors is a useful energy-saving tip that ensures that homeowners in Meridian do not spend a fortune to cool or heat their homes.

Invest in Efficient Equipment

The easiest way to save on cooling and heating services home is to invest in energy-efficient equipment. However, this does not apply to homeowners with air conditioners or furnaces that are a few years old. It could be time to upgrade an AC unit if the current one has been in service for 10 to 15 years. Experts recommend an air conditioner or furnace with AFUE score of 90 and above for high efficiency. Even a fuel-efficient electric heater can still be costly due to the high cost of electricity. But an air conditioner with a SEER rating of 15 and above can be efficient under any condition.

American households spend an average of $2000 on energy bills every year. Your air conditioner and furnace repair could be accounting for almost half of that. The electricity used to keep AC units and heaters running and gas and oil burned to keep homes cold or warm could be causing gas emissions. But with the above steps, homeowners in the greater Meridian region can save money on their energy bills, stay comfortable, and ensure carbon monoxide protection. Keeping curtains and blinds closed during the hot summer months is enough to keep energy bills low. Blocking direct sun rays will eliminate the need for running an air conditioner and keep the home cool and comfortable. Do the opposite during cold winter months to allow the sun to warm the house.

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