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Tips to Extend the Lifespan of Your Air Conditioning Unit 

One interesting thing with modern AC units is that users can expect them to have a prolonged lifespan. Modern AC units are designed to last longer than traditional ones. However, the pivotal aspect of this is that users must do whatever they can to extend the life of their air conditioners. There are several simple steps that homeowners in Nampa, Idaho can take to maximize the lifespan of their AC and make the most out of their heating services. Below are a few trouble-free tips for beginning with at home.

Duct Repair Services

Nampa residents must clean up their air ducts to prolong the lifespan of their HVAC unit. Homeowners should have their tubes dusted regularly to stop any debris from getting into the duct system. Allowing dirt and debris to build up in the duct system can hamper the performance of components such as coils and filters. Experts recommend cleaning ducts twice or once a year, depending on how the AC unit is being used

Filters and Air Conditioning Installation

The filter contributes a lot to the efficiency of an AC unit. Repairing and replacing filters is an effective way to keep your air conditioning services at their best. The role of the filters is to ensure that junk does not mess with the HVAC unit. Changing AC filters does not require specialized knowledge, and it is not a time-consuming activity. Nampa dwellers want to maintain the dignity of their air filters to allow free flow of air.

Ease the Burden on Your HVAC Unit

Nampa dwellers should not settle with just the smart thermostat. Instead, consider giving the AC unit a break by using fans during hot summer days. Homeowners can also fit their windows with reflective shades to block out unwanted sun rays. Then throw those shades open during winter to allow sun heat in, and use space heat pump services, blankets, and sweaters to warm yourself. With that, homeowners will set their thermostat a little lower, which will then result in reduced energy bills.

Invest in a Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats are the latest technology in the home heating and cooling field. These devices are easy to control and program from anywhere with either a tablet or a smartphone. Some smart thermostats are equipped with AI technology so that they can learn the habits of your humidifiers. Smart thermostats do not require any programming to make energy-saving adjustments. Homeowners that can micromanage their thermostat settings can use their AC unit less, which translates to a prolonged lifespan.

Upgrade Your Insulation

The less an AC unit runs, the longer it lasts. Insulation is the best solution for anyone interested in keeping their treated air inside the house. Check whether or not there is sufficient insulation in the attic. But the type and amount of insulation needed can vary by region. As such, Nampa dwellers should check guidelines for upgrading insulation with the Environmental Protection Agency. It would be worthwhile to add insulation into wall cavities or insulate the basement if your home has insufficient insulation. Scheduling an energy audit with a professional AC technician can help locate and evaluate all spots with weak insulation.


Experts recommend scheduling furnace repair at least twice a year. Though AC units are not prone to failure and break down, that does not mean routine tune-ups are unnecessary. Your furnace and air conditioner should be cleaned, inspected, and tuned up at least twice every year. Experts recommend scheduling furnace service in late summer and air conditioner inspection in spring. That allows homeowners to optimize their AC system for efficiency any time they need it. Your AC technician can discover a potential problem with the AC unit during the inspection and fix it before it messes up the entire system. Furnace tuneup can include thorough lubrication and examination of all rotating components, clearing buildup, cleaning the condenser, and checking refrigerant levels. Your air conditioning repair technician can go beyond that to check the heat exchanger, replace filters, and do any other task that can make the AC unit more efficient, safer, and last longer.

Use Auto Fan Settings

Modern AC units come with both auto and manual fan settings. Auto settings instruct the AC unit to run only when it is cooling or heating the house, while manual settings instruct the fan to run continuously. However, some air conditioners come with dual-speed fans that allow for more energy-efficient and slower fan settings between cooling and heating cycles. However, manual settings come with a host of benefits, including trapping more dust. They can also help people with allergies or respiratory sensitivities breathe easier, improve indoor air quality, and offer them carbon monoxide protection. The only downside with manual settings is that they make an AC unit work harder than usual. Overworking an air conditioner shaves time off its lifespan. Failing to change filters on time can cause clog up, which can tax air filtration systems.

Check the AC Unit for Leaks

Experts recommend checking an air conditioner for leaks at least once a year. The presence of holes in the hose can make the air conditioner develop problems that could eventually result in a breakdown. However, having the AC unit checked for leaks regularly can ensure that this does not happen. When a homeowner contacts a reputable AC unit repair technician, they should expect the crew to do a complete system check for efficiency and save on electricity bill. Benefits of scheduling regular tune-ups for an AC include lower energy bills, increased durability, and improved reliability. Well-maintained air conditioners do not work as hard as unmaintained ones. Well-serviced AC units use less energy to achieve the desired temperature. Regular checkups will also keep an AC unit working at its best even under extreme conditions. Routine checkups also prevent an air conditioner from breaking down when it is needed most. The chances of emergency repair for an AC unit with clean HEPA filters and coils and tightened parts are slight. Like changing the oil in an automotive, routine maintenance of an air conditioner can extend its lifespan. Inspection can also delay the need to replace parts of an AC unit often than necessary.

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