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Boise Furnace Tune Up

Homeowners and their families rely on their furnaces to keep them comfortably warm throughout the coldest months of the year. In Boise winters, that’s not a luxury. It’s a necessity.

By far the best way to prevent expensive, surprise breakdowns and ensure the longevity of the furnace is to provide ongoing preventative maintenance. Experts recommend routine professional tune-ups at least once per year. Read on to find out why.

Benefits of Annual Tune-Ups

No homeowner wants to deal with a sudden furnace breakdown on the coldest night of the year. Unfortunately, that’s when furnaces have to work the hardest, so that’s when they’re most likely to show signs of trouble. A tune-up can help to prevent untimely breakdowns, but that’s not all it can do.


Reduce Monthly Energy Bills

Well-maintained furnaces are more efficient. That means they can produce more heat with less fuel. Given that up to 50% of Boise homeowners’ energy bills pertain to home heating, improving efficiency can save a lot of money.

A tuned-up furnace can save homeowners up to 30% on their monthly bills. To reap the full benefit of these savings, homeowners need to do more than just change their filters periodically, though. Professional tune-ups involve comprehensive inspections and preventative maintenance.


Increase the Longevity of the Furnace

Annual tune-ups don’t just save homeowners money on their monthly bills. They also extend the longevity of their home heating equipment. This helps homeowners make the most out of their investments by preventing the need for premature repairs and replacements.


Detect Potential Dangers

Today’s gas furnaces are designed with consumer safety in mind. If they’re working properly, they pose no threat at all. However, if the furnace is leaking gas, it can pose a serious risk to residents’ health and safety.

Carbon monoxide poisoning is a very serious problem. In moderate levels, this gas can cause nausea and headaches. In high concentrations, it is deadly. Homeowners can substantially reduce their risk of gas leaks and carbon monoxide poisoning by scheduling a professional Furnace Tune-Up in Boise, Idaho.


Ensure Proper Airflow

Restricted airflow can place an unnecessary strain on even a newer furnace. It decreases efficiency, shortens the equipment’s expected lifespan, and increases the need for frequent repairs. Technicians will take the time during their clients’ annual tune-ups to ensure that the furnace is receiving proper airflow and that the heated air is being spread throughout the home as efficiently as possible.


Maintain the Warranty

Many furnace manufacturers’ warranties stipulate that their equipment receives regular, professional maintenance. Failing to schedule annual inspections and tune-ups can void the warranty. That can cost homeowners a lot of money if their equipment fails.


Save Money on Repairs

It costs more to repair a catastrophic furnace failure than it does to replace a worn part before it breaks. It also costs more to schedule emergency services in the dead of winter. Since furnace technicians perform comprehensive inspections while they’re tuning up their clients’ heaters, they’ll catch potential problems early, when they’re still affordable to fix.

What to Expect During the Tune-Up

Professional furnace repair technicians can work quickly and efficiently to accomplish more in a short visit than homeowners could do for themselves in a full weekend. Here’s what to expect at a professional tune-up:

  • Thermostat calibration
  • Safety switch testing
  • Limit switch testing
  • Tightening of electrical connections
  • Inspection of the pilot system
  • Cleaning of burners
  • Checking heat operations
  • A full inspection

If the technician uncovers any potential problems during the inspection, he or she will also recommend affordable repairs. It’s best to complete them as soon as possible. This will prevent further damage and avoid unpleasant and potentially dangerous home heating emergencies.

The Bottom Line

Most homeowners schedule annual furnace tune-ups for the fall to ensure that their systems are in good condition before the weather starts to turn. Spring is also a good time for tune-ups, since the furnace may be suffering from excess wear after operating full time all winter. Plus, the system can be taken off-line for a few hours, if necessary, without dramatically impacting residents’ comfort.

The bottom line is that no matter when they choose to schedule their tune-ups, homeowners need to work with dedicated, experienced furnace technicians to ensure the best results. Give us a call at (208) 732-1211 today to find out how we can help.

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