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Most homeowners give little thought to their homes’ climate control systems unless something goes wrong. Many don’t bother investigating Air Conditioning Services in Kimberly, Idaho until their systems have stopped working entirely. That’s a mistake, though, because this approach can leave families sweltering in the summer heat while they wait for repair contractors to arrive.

Instead of waiting until the hottest days of summer, when AC breakdowns are most likely to occur and repair technicians are at their busiest, read on to find out about common residential AC repairs, preventative maintenance, new system installations, and other available services now. Making system upgrades and repairs or just scheduling a tune-up now is the best way to avoid a climate control emergency on the hottest day of the year.

New System Installations

Whether homeowners are currently relying on inefficient and ineffective window AC units to cool their homes, or they already have a central air system and want to upgrade to a better one, the only way to have a new system installed is to call a qualified technician. Central air conditioning systems are complex pieces of equipment, and they’re all a little different, so it’s important for homeowners to choose the right one.

A company that specializes in home HVAC services can offer insight into which brands are most trustworthy, which systems will be the best fit given the home’s size and its residents’ unique needs, whether new ductwork will be required to ensure adequate climate control, and more. Homeowners who are upgrading existing central air conditioning systems may be able to save money by using the same ductwork. Even those who must install new ducts typically find that these systems are more efficient, use less energy, and provide comprehensive climate control.

Repairing Existing Systems

When something goes wrong with an air conditioning system, a homeowner’s first response might be to assume it’s time to replace it entirely. That’s not always the most cost-efficient option, though. A reputable AC technician can inspect the system, diagnose the problem, and run a cost analysis to determine whether homeowners will actually save money in the long run by making repairs.

If the system is less than ten years old and the cost of repairs amounts to less than half the cost of replacing it with a new one, the technician will usually recommend replacing the damaged part. If the system has sustained catastrophic damage, is more than a decade old, or is substantially less efficient than a newer system would be, he or she will probably recommend an upgrade.

A/C Tune-Ups

One of the best ways to avoid catastrophic system failures is to schedule regular annual inspections and tune-ups. This gives homeowners the opportunity to have worn or slightly damaged components replaced before they go on to cause larger problems, have their thermostats recalibrated for maximum efficiency, and get preventative maintenance like cleaning the condenser and evaporator coils and lubricating all moving parts.

The cumulative effect of an annual tune-up is to prevent problems before they happen, extending the equipment’s expected lifespan, improving its efficiency, and ensuring the early diagnosis of potential mechanical problems so they can be repaired quickly. It’s much more cost-effective to schedule annual inspections and tune-ups than it is to wait until minor problems turn into major system failures. Plus, it ensures that the family won’t be left without air conditioning on the hottest day of the year when repair technicians are at their busiest and scheduling can present a real problem.

Duct Inspections and Repairs

Most modern homes use the same ducts for their central heating and air conditioning systems, so they see a lot of use. As the air flows through the home’s ducts, leaks, blockages, and other problems can lead to uneven cooling and seriously reduce the system’s overall efficiency.

The first step toward ensuring that the home’s ducts are in good shape is to schedule an inspection. This is also the case when homeowners want to replace their current air conditioning systems. The technician will inspect the system to make sure it is sized correctly, has adequate insulation, and is free from rips, tears, and holes and make repairs or suggest replacement as needed.

The Bottom Line

Installing, repairing, and maintaining modern A/C systems is hard, but finding a qualified technician doesn’t have to be. Homeowners can give us a call at (208) 732-1211 to discuss their options.

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