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As your furnace gets older, it’s no surprise that it starts to lose efficiency, meaning you end up spending more each month to keep your home adequately heated. Eventually, rising utility bills and increasingly frequent repairs make replacing your furnace an attractive alternative. Not only will you save money over time, but you’ll be sure you have the heat you need to stay warm during Boise’s brutal winters.

When it comes to your Boise, Idaho furnace replacement, look no further than Home Heating & Air Conditioning. We’ve replaced furnaces throughout our community, and we’ve built our reputation on high-quality workmanship and unbeatable customer service. If you’re ready to replace your old furnace with a new, more efficient model, call Home Heating & Air Conditioning today!

Your Expert Boise, Idaho HVAC Contractor

At Home Heating & Air Conditioning, our commitment to our customers starts with our staff. We follow the Technical Seal of Safety, meaning our technicians have all passed background checks and drug tests, and they have the training they need to work on any heating or cooling system.

We also know how valuable your time is, so we make sure to show up on time, get to work right away, and get the job done quickly while minimizing any interruptions to your life. We ensure that our technicians will treat you right, and when they’re done, they’ll leave their workspace cleaner than when they found it.

Do You Need a Furnace Replacement?

On average, you should expect your furnace to last between 15-20 years, as long as you make sure to have your system maintained annually. Although additional repairs can help extend this lifespan a little bit, as repair bills grow and your efficiency continues to decline, you’ll be better off investing your money in a new furnace. When you’re trying to decide between repairing or replacing your furnace, you should keep the following factors in mind:

Frequent Repairs

If you find that you’ve started calling your HVAC contractor more and more often to repair your furnace, it’s a good sign that your equipment is on its last legs. You’re usually better off putting those repair dollars into a new unit.

Age of Your Furnace

While 15 to 20 years is a good estimate, it’s possible that your furnace may need to be replaced before then. This is especially true if you may have missed some regular maintenance, making you more likely to suffer from declining performance.

Declining Efficiency

When your furnace has to work harder to provide the same level of heating, it ends up costing you more on your monthly utility bills. When those costs start to rise dramatically, a furnace replacement is usually the best way to counteract that increase.


If you’ve noticed that your heating system isn’t working up to snuff even with regular tune-ups and repairs, usually the only solution is to replace your old furnace with a newer, more powerful model.

Your Professional Furnace Replacement

At Home Heating & Air Conditioning, every Boise, Idaho furnace replacement begins with a conversation between you and one of our HVAC experts. We’ll talk you through the entire replacement process, from picking a new furnace to installation and follow-up service.

The first step is determining how much heat your home needs, based on how many people will live in your household and the size of your home. That gives us a range of options, which you can choose from based on your needs and budget. Once you decide on a model, we’ll make sure it gets installed quickly and correctly.

Once the installation is done, we’ll help you set up a regular maintenance schedule, so you don’t have to remember your annual tune-up. Not only will this help keep your equipment running at peak performance, but it’ll also ensure you stay within the terms of your warranty, in case something goes wrong with your equipment.

Furnace Replacement Near Me

The team at Home Heating & Air Conditioning is committed to helping every homeowner in our Boise community find solutions to their heating and cooling systems. When you’re having trouble with your furnace, don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our experts. Call or contact Home Heating & Air Conditioning today!




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