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Ductless Mini Split AC Installation Services in Boise, Idaho

Summer is no joke in Boise. When the weather starts to heat up, you want to know that you’ll be able to keep your home comfortable no matter how high the temperatures climb. If your air conditioner is starting to get old, or your home doesn’t have AC installed at all, you should consider installing a ductless mini split system.

Instead of searching the internet for “mini split installation near me,” contact the experts at Home Heating & Air Conditioning instead. Our team of HVAC professionals have installed mini split systems in hundreds of homes. With our dedication to providing you quality work and unmatched customer service, we’re committed to helping homeowners in Boise beat the heat.


How a Mini Split System Works

A traditional central air conditioner works by blowing warm air inside your home across coils filled with a refrigerant, or coolant. That coolant absorbs the heat before running outside to another coil, where the heat is released. Meanwhile, the air inside your home is now cooled, and it’s distributed through your home by being blown through your ducts.

A ductless mini split system works exactly the same, except for how the air is distributed throughout your home. Because a central AC system relies on the ductwork built into your home, there are only two ways to manage the temperature in your home. You can close the registers at the end of each duct, which somewhat reduces the cooling effect while creating imbalances in pressure, or you can raise the temperature in your entire home.

Mini split systems, on the other hand, use wall units in individual rooms to provide cool air. Each wall unit contains a separate cooling coil, which connects to a larger outdoor system. You can control each wall unit separately, giving you full control over your temperature in each room.
Professional Mini Split Installation Services
With Home Heating & Air Conditioning, your Boise, Idaho mini split installation should take no time at all. Whether you have existing ductwork in your home or not, installing a mini split system goes quickly. There’s no need for the messy, expensive, and intrusive process of installing new ductwork, and in homes with existing ducts we simply bypass the ductwork.

Instead, installing a mini split system usually only requires drilling a few small holes to run lines to carry refrigerant. Each wall unit is connected to an outdoor condenser unit, which supplies power to your wall units and allows the heat from the refrigerant to be released. After these lines are run and the power connected, your technician simply attaches the unit to your wall, and you’re ready to enjoy cool air.



Advantages to a Mini Split System

There are a number of benefits to getting a mini split installation, such as:


Easy Installation

Installing wall units in multiple rooms is incredibly easy, which means the work gets done quickly, and will cost you less money.


Climate Zones

Because the wall units all work individually, you can cool different rooms at different temperatures—or turn them off altogether. You have ultimate control over your home’s cooling.


Efficiency Upgrade

Unlike a central AC, which is constantly trying to cool your whole home, the individual wall units only work when you want them to. Not only will this lower your utility bills dramatically, but it’s environmentally friendly, as well.


Top Boise, Idaho HVAC Contractor

At Home Heating & Air Conditioning, we believe the best work comes from the best employees. That’s why we follow the Technical Seal of Safety, the highest employee standards in the industry. Every employee has passed a background check and drug tests, and they have the training to handle any challenge they might encounter.

We’ll make sure your technician shows up on time, and we’ll get the work done quickly and efficiently, so you won’t have to put your life on pause while we install your mini split system.
Your Boise, Idaho Mini Split Installation Experts
At Home Heating & Air Conditioning, we want every Boise homeowner to be able to keep their home comfortable all year long. If you’re looking for more information about our mini split installation services, contact one of our HVAC experts today!



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