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Water Heater Installation & Replacement in Boise, ID

Our maintenance and repair services are designed to help you extend your hot water heater’s lifespan. Eventually, the unit will start to fail, and you will have to replace hot water heater components or even the whole unit.

Before that day comes, it can be helpful to learn when it’s time to get a new unit and what types of water heaters are available.

How Many Years Do Most Water Heaters Last in Boise, ID?

You can start planning for a new water heater installation when you know how long your current unit will last. This timeframe is usually easiest to figure out using the age of your existing unit. If you’re not sure of its age, you should assume you will need to replace it soon.

Most water heaters last from 10 to 20 years. The exact number of years the water heater in your Boise, ID, home will last will depend on various factors, including the quality of the unit when it was new. We can give you a more accurate estimate of your current unit’s condition when you schedule an inspection.

What Are the Signs that Your Hot Water Heater Is Dying?

There will be a point where it’s more cost-effective to replace your water heater rather than repair it. Knowing when the time comes to replace hot water heaters involves recognizing some common signs of a failing hot water heater: 

  • Longer wait times for hot water
  • Running out of hot water
  • The tank is leaking water
  • Loud noises coming from the water heater

Even if you don’t think you need a new water heater installation, you should call us to request an inspection. Delaying a problem could cause it to worsen or cause damage to other components in the system. Frequently, getting repairs done sooner will help you reduce your future water heater costs.

Should You Choose Gas or Electric for Your Water Heater Replacement?

While the upfront water heater cost is a consideration for every Boise, ID, homeowner, you should also consider your long-term costs. This involves choosing a gas or electric unit. 

Many homeowners opt for a gas water heater replacement because it is more cost-effective. Gas bills cost only a third as much. Additionally, you can choose between a traditional unit or a tankless water heater. A gas water heater usually lasts up to 15 years.

Traditionally, electric water heaters have been more commonly used in homes in Boise, ID. They keep the tank full and heated to provide instant access. 

However, once the tank empties, there will be a considerable recovery time. Although an electric hot water heater isn’t as cost-effective as a gas water heater replacement, it is the more reliable choice. 

What Are Your Options When You Want to Replace Hot Water Heater?

Another choice you will have to make when you plan a water heater installation is the type of unit you want for your Boise, ID, home. 

There are a few things to consider in addition to water heater cost. When you hire us to install hot water heaters, we can help you choose the unit that will serve your household best.

Traditional Water Heaters

Most people are familiar with the traditional water heater, which uses a tank or reservoir to hold hot water until it’s needed. If this type of unit works well for you, choose a similar model for your water heater replacement. Over the years, these units have been improved to work better, use less energy, and last longer.

When we install hot water heaters in your home, we can consult with you about the best size tank for your house. For the typical home, you can choose tanks that range from 20 gallons to 120 gallons. 

If you own a multifamily home, you may need to install hot water heaters that are a little larger. In that case, we can talk with you about upgrading your unit before scheduling your water heater installation.

Tankless Water Heaters

Another option to consider for your water heater installation is the tankless water heater. This option is considered safer when it comes time to replace hot water heaters because the water is heated as needed, avoiding the need for a pressurized tank. 

Your overall water heater cost will be lower as well. After we install hot water heaters for you, the gas or electricity used to heat your water will be reduced by up to 30% on average.

Hybrid Water Heaters

Some consider a hybrid system to be even more desirable than a tankless water heater. This type of unit uses a tank to store water that has been heated with a heat pump. Since it uses your existing HVAC and plumbing systems, you may see almost a 60% drop in your water heating costs.

Premier Water Heating Installation & Replacement in Boise, ID

When you need maintenance, repairs, or a new water heater installation in your Boise, ID, home, contact Home Heating and Air Conditioning. Our certified technicians can help you extend the life of your existing unit or choose the best new hot water heater to fit your needs and your budget.




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