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At Home Heating & Air Conditioning, approach each job as a problem to be solved, rather than relying on one-size-fits-all “cookie-cutter” solutions.

We work with the each homeowner to design a system that meets their needs and budget. We recognize that every home is different and we have experience installing and maintaining a wide variety of heating and air conditioning products in small, medium and large environments.

From our initial conversation with the customer to computer load analysis of the space, we take every opportunity to make sure the system we build is the right one for you.

Our Heating Services

Heating Repairs

Our professional technicians will repair your furnace correctly the first time.

Water Heaters

Questions about your water heater? We can certainly help!

Tankless Water Heaters

Contact us to learn more about tankless water heaters

Furnace Repairs

Need a quick furnace repair? We’ve got your back!

Heat Pumps

We’re industry leading experts when it comes to heat pumps


Call us today to have your furnace tuned up.

If you’re looking for a professional HVAC contractor, then please call us today at (208) 378-4663 or complete our online HVAC estimate form.

Trusted and Highly Trained Technicians

Our highly professional staff is selected based on their commitment to exceptional customer service and personal integrity. All of our employees are required to pass drug tests and background checks. I make sure that I am comfortable with them in my home with my wife and kids before I let them in yours. And after all of this I train them. Each of our employees continuously undergoes extensive training. Our industry is rapidly evolving and service technicians these days are constantly on the cutting edge of science.

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