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Boise Air Conditioning Tune Up

Homeowners throughout Idaho know just how important HVAC systems are to indoor comfort and air quality. During the summer months, having a properly working air conditioner is crucial. Without it, your home becomes hot, stuffy and almost unbearable. 

Simply having an AC system installed isn’t enough, though. You never know when a part might fail. Having an air conditioning tune-up in Boise, Idaho performed each year helps keep potential problems at bay. At Home Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc., our technicians are here to ensure your system is always ready when you need it to be.

Why Are AC Tune-ups Important?

AC tune-ups are important for many reasons. Air conditioning systems are complex pieces of equipment. They have several moving parts and electrical components both inside and out. They’re in constant use during the warmer months and left to sit idle when the temperatures plummet. On top of that, outdoor portions of the system are constantly exposed to the elements.

Those factors place a great deal of strain on an air conditioning system. Parts begin to wear out, and electrical connections can become loose or damaged. Leaves, dirt, and debris build up in the outdoor unit while dust, pet dander, and chemicals flood indoor portions of the system. 

All this leads to a range of problems over time. Excess friction and buildup reduce efficiency and cause the AC to work harder than it should. When dirt gathers inside the thermostat, it may not work properly. Worn electrical elements may become dangerous. 

As a result, your system could malfunction and may need to be replaced long before it would have regular maintenance. You may also notice your monthly electrical bills creeping higher while your home never seems to be as cool as you’d like it to be. An air conditioning tune-up in Boise, Idaho helps thwart all those problems.

What Should I Expect During an AC Tune-up?

Overall, the purpose of an AC tune-up is to perform routine maintenance to help extend the life of the system and ensure it’ll work at peak efficiency. Our technicians inspect your system and cover a list of aspects that are vital to sustaining its effectiveness.

  • Clean condenser coils, fans, and other components of the outdoor unit to remove dirt and debris
  • Make sure no shrubs or other obstructions are blocking airflow to the outdoor unit
  • Clean blower motor
  • Clear condensate line to ensure the system drains properly
  • Check ductwork to make sure it’s clean and undamaged
  • Assess amperage and voltage to ensure proper output
  • Examine and tighten electrical connections for optimal safety and functionality
  • Lubricate moving parts to reduce friction
  • Clean or replace indoor air filters for maximum airflow and quality
  • Calibrate thermostat to ensure it regulates indoor temperatures properly

These are only a few of the steps we take to help improve efficiency and reduce the likelihood of breakdowns. Along the way, we keep an eye out for potential problems and repair needs. If our technicians find any issues that need to be taken care of, we’ll thoroughly explain them and offer advice on the best repair options.

Join Our Maintenance Club

Our team covers all the bases during your Boise air conditioning tune-up, and we’re fully qualified to handle any repair needs you may have. When you join our Comfort Club, you’ll get not only the benefit of our knowledge and experience but a number of other advantages.

We include annual air conditioning maintenance in our Comfort Club package. As an added bonus, we schedule your tune-up, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting. We also offer priority service, discounts on diagnostics, and reduced prices on parts and service to name a few. 

Come to Us for Your AC Maintenance Needs

At Home Heating and Air Conditioning, we’re committed to keeping your home comfortable while saving you as much money and grief as possible. Our AC tune-ups in Boise are the perfect way to help reduce repair and energy costs. 

Call us today, or fill out the form we’ve provided on our website to schedule a tune-up or ask about Comfort Club membership. It only takes a minute to ensure you and your family are able to breathe easier this summer.

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