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HVAC Repairs in Boise

Has your furnace or air conditioner been causing you problems? Do you feel like your house is never at a comfortable temperature? You may need HVAC repairs in Boise. At Home Heating & Air Conditioning, we want to make sure that you always have someone you can turn to when you need HVAC repair services for your heating and cooling systems. 

We service many different types of systems including heat pumps, air conditioners, furnaces, and ductless mini-split systems. You can trust us to do the right thing for you every time because we’re just giving you the type of service we would want if our HVAC broke down. Here is everything you need to know about our services. 

Common Problems That Mean You Need HVAC Repairs in Boise

Your heater or air conditioner probably won’t go from working fine to breaking down completely in one day. There may be other signs that lead up to the breakdown. The sooner you call, the better. Here are some common problems that you may notice. 

  • High or Low Humidity: When they are working properly, air conditioners take moisture out of the air. If your air is too humid, there may be a problem with your AC. 
  • Low Airflow: A unit that is struggling to pump enough air out of the vents is one that needs service. It may just need a new filter or there may be other problems. 
  • Air That’s Too Warm or Too Cold: If you are dealing with cold air blowing out in the winter or warm air blowing out in the summer, there’s a chance you might have bumped your thermostat to the wrong setting. On the other hand, you might need a repair. Check your thermostat and then give us a call. 
  • Changes in Noises: You can expect some noise with your HVAC system, but if there is more than you are used to, this usually means there is a problem. 
  • Higher Running Costs: Over time, your HVAC system will become less efficient. Maintenance can help with this, but if you’re experiencing problems in between tune-ups, call for an air conditioner repair or heater repair to get your energy bills back down. 
  • Thermostat Problems: A problem with heating and cooling can sometimes be traced back to your thermostat. If that’s the case, we can put in a new one for you. 

What Are Your Next Steps? 

Once you notice a problem, you can do a little bit of troubleshooting on your own. Check the thermostat to make sure it’s set to the right setting. Change the filter to make sure a dirty filter isn’t causing problems. Once you’ve done these things, if the issue isn’t solved, it’s time to call for a repair. We will come, take a look at your furnace, AC, or heat pump, and let you know what’s wrong. There are usually choices for how to move forward and we’ll give you upfront prices for all of them. 

Club Membership

Have you heard of our Comfort Club? If you are a member, you’ll get 20% off of your HVAC repair! That’s not the only benefit you’ll receive. You’ll also get priority service and same-day appointments. Plus, your diagnostic fee will only be $49.95 even if you have an after-hours emergency. Finally, you’ll get free maintenance for your HVAC system and discounts on replacements and Indoor Air Quality equipment. 

Emergency Services

You may have noticed that a lot of HVAC breakdowns happen in the evening or in the middle of the night. That’s why we have emergency repair services available. There is always someone on call to come and fix your heating and cooling problem. If there is a problem and you are concerned about the safety of your system, give us a call right away. We’ll be there as soon as we can with our HVAC repairs in Boise to fix the problem and make sure you are safe and comfortable. 

Quality HVAC Repairs in Boise

So, why should you choose Home Heating & Air Conditioning over all of the other HVAC contractors near Boise? We have strong beliefs that seep into every aspect of our services. We believe in the importance of leaving your home how we found it. We will clean the space after we leave so all you have to do is enjoy your new system. We also believe that doing what’s right is the best way every time, even if it’s harder. We will never cut corners on your air conditioner repair or heater repair. 

There are other things that set us apart from other HVAC contractors, too. We never pressure you into any purchases because we’re not here to just make a sale. We’re here to help you. You will always receive the hightest quality equipment, and we double-check everything that we do. Plus, all of our technicians have the Technician Seal of Safety. This means that they are all drug tested, background checked, and receive ongoing training. Choosing us for HVAC repair services will be the best decision you can make for your system. Contact us today for more information about our repairs. 



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