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If you’re like most homeowners, you want your home to be comfortable all year long. That means your heating and air conditioning systems need to work properly. Most people don’t think about having their systems checked if they seem to be operating correctly, but it’s a good idea to bring in a technician before breakdowns occur.

An annual air conditioning tune-up in Twin Falls, Idaho will go a long way toward ensuring your system works as it should when you need it. At Home Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc., we’re here to help. Our certified and experienced technicians are readily available to perform your air conditioning tune-ups to keep your home cool during those summer months. 

What Is Involved in an Air Conditioning Tune-up?
Tune-ups involve thorough inspections of a home cooling system and performing routine AC maintenance. Our technicians cover all the aspects that may affect the efficiency and effectiveness of your system during the warmer months.
Checking Coolant Levels
Air conditioning units use coolant to draw heat from the air in your home and release it outside. Systems need a certain amount of coolant to be able to do so. We check your system to be sure its coolant level is within the normal range. If not, it’s a surefire sign you have a leak.
Condenser Cleaning
Dirt and debris tend to accumulate on the condenser fins and coils in your outdoor unit. When this happens, it can put a damper on your indoor comfort levels. We check the fins, coils, fans, and other components in your outdoor unit and clean them as needed.
Lubricating Moving Parts
AC systems are made up of numerous moving parts. They’re constantly in motion when the air conditioner is running. Then, they sit idle during the colder months. This can take a toll on the system. Our technicians lubricate all those moving parts to reduce friction, so they’re ready to operate smoothly when you need to cool your home.
Filter and Ductwork Analysis
Your home’s AC filters and ductwork help remove dirt, pet hair and dander, dust, chemicals, and other elements from the air. Over time, all those particles build up on the filters and in the ductwork. This can reduce the effectiveness of the system as well as the quality of the air your family breathes.

At the same time, the ductwork and filters impact system efficiency. If they’re damaged or clogged, the system has to work harder, and it won’t cool your home properly. Our technicians perform a thorough analysis of the ductwork to ensure it’s clean and in working order. We’ll change your filters if needed as well.

Blower Motor Inspection
An AC system’s blower motor is responsible for circulating cool air throughout the home. If the motor and its components aren’t working as they should, reduced airflow is only one of the problems you may experience. We check to make sure those parts are in optimum condition.
Electrical Analysis
Electricity powers your entire air conditioning system. If any electrical connections are faulty, they could prevent the system from operating or even become a fire hazard. We inspect those connections and tighten or repair them if needed to ensure your system is not only functional but safe.
Thermostat Calibration
Your AC’s thermostat acts as an ambassador between your home and the air conditioning system itself. If it’s not calibrated properly, it won’t register the right temperature or prompt the system to kick on and shut off when it should. We make sure the thermostat is calibrated correctly, so your indoor temperature is exactly what you want it to be.

Indoor temperatures could potentially climb higher than those outside without properly working air conditioning. An air conditioning tune-up in Twin Falls is a proactive way to make sure the system is ready to go when temperatures start climbing. If we find any potential problems during your tune-up, we’ll explain them to you and give you a comprehensive list of repair options.

Contact Home Heating and Air Conditioning for Your Twin Falls AC Tune-up
At Home Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc., we’re fully trained to work with all types of HVAC systems. We’re dedicated to keeping our friends and neighbors in the Twin Falls area comfortable in their homes.

Routine maintenance is the best way to maintain efficiency, extend the life of your AC system, and catch minor issues early before they become major problems. Call us or contact us via the form we’ve provided to schedule your air conditioning tune-up today.

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