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There’s nothing worse than waking up on a winter morning to find that the furnace went out in the middle of the night and the entire house is freezing cold. When this happens, homeowners’ only good option is to call for emergency furnace repairs. There are, however, a few ways that conscientious homeowners can avoid this potentially very costly problem.

Preventative Maintenance Reduces the Need for Repairs

The most important thing homeowners can do to prevent unexpected breakdowns is to schedule annual preventative maintenance checks. This gives furnace technicians the chance not just to change filters and address minor problems, but also to check for signs of wear and potential problems that could come up in the future. Plus, most furnace manufacturers require buyers to perform routine maintenance if they don’t want to void their warranties.

Keep an Eye, Ear, and Nose Out for Signs of Trouble

Most catastrophic breakdowns don’t just come out of the left field. Major problems start out as minor issues that could be fixed quickly and easily by a qualified technician, but homeowners don’t always pay attention to red flags and warning signs. Be on the lookout for the following signs of trouble:

Inadequate Heating

If the furnace is blowing hot air, but it’s just not performing up to homeowners’ expectations, there could be a few things wrong. Blown fuses, loose wiring, and thermostat issues are all common causes of insufficient heating. Leaky ducts can also cause even a well-maintained furnace in good condition to be unable to keep up with the home’s heating needs.

Spikes in Monthly Bills

Homeowners should expect their gas bills to go up in the winter. In many cases, home heating accounts for up to 50% of monthly bills, no matter what kind of furnace homeowners have. If the utility bill spikes dramatically, though, it could indicate that something is wrong with the furnace.

Scheduling an inspection and Furnace Repair in Twin Falls, Idaho immediately can bring monthly bills back down to a manageable level. Plus, fixing the problem now may prevent the need for more substantial repairs later in the season.

Failing furnaces often put outcries for help well before they stop working completely. Listen for sounds like rattling, scraping, banging, and squealing. They may indicate problems like broken blower wheels, cracked heat exchangers, worn blower motor bearings, air leaks, or other problems that need to be addressed as soon as possible.

Unusual Smells

Residential furnaces shouldn’t put off any smell at all, so any odor should be considered unusual. If the air coming out of the vents smells like smoke, it may just mean the filter needs to be changed.

When the furnace itself is producing strange scents, it may be a much more serious problem. The unit may have a gas leak. Turn off the gas supply and call a technician immediately to avoid potentially serious health and safety concerns like carbon monoxide poisoning.

Frequent Cycling

If the furnace is turning on and off repeatedly, the problem could be caused by anything from a thermostat problem to clogged air filters or inadequate air circulation. The bottom line is that over-cycling wastes a ton of energy and causes the furnace to work overtime, decreasing its expected lifespan and increasing the chances of more serious breakdowns.

Repair or Replace?

Once homeowners have realized their furnace is in trouble, they often face a difficult decision: is it worth repairing the unit, or should it just be replaced? The best thing to do is always to get a professional opinion.

There are a few factors a technician will consider when recommending repairs or a furnace replacement. If the unit is more than 15 years old or has been breaking down frequently, it’s almost always a better idea to replace it. Otherwise, consider the cost of the proposed repairs.

If fixing the problem will cost less than half the investment required to buy a new furnace, have it repaired. If not, start looking into newer models.

The Bottom Line

No matter what’s wrong with the furnace, it’s never wise to put off repairs. Instead, homeowners should schedule an inspection as soon as possible. Call us at (208) 732-1211 today to get started.

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