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Maintaining and repairing your HVAC system is no easy task. By its very nature, the system is engineered to deteriorate slowly when it is neglected. You won’t see obvious problems with it until a lot of time passes. Because HVAC problems are cumulative and progress into catastrophes, you should always have expert care if you live in Twin Falls, Idaho. Thankfully, Home Heating & Air Conditioning serves these areas with all of the following services.

A/C Maintenance

One of the key aspects of A/C maintenance is in the filters and the ductwork. No matter how well you take care of your unit, these items must still be replaced and cleaned often. At Home Heating & Air Conditioning we can even upgrade your air filtration systems with HEPA filters to improve the indoor air quality

We use a camera to inspect the ductwork before and after we clean it. This is the only way to ensure that the cleaning was thorough and that your system is free of debris and operating at an optimal level.

We also provide additional air conditioning services to ensure that your refrigerant is not leaking and inspections to ensure that everything is operating as it should. You should always call us for an annual inspection if you live in Twin Falls, Idaho, or the surrounding regions. 

A/C Installation

Air conditioning installation is one thing that you should always have done by a professional. No matter how good you may be, the warranty on a new system is generally void and null if it the system is not installed by a licensed professional.

We take the time to fully assess all the specific elements of your property. This is important because the A/C unit has to be placed in the right location outside. You should never call someone to install a concrete block to mount your A/C unit without first consulting us for advice.

The lines also have to be short enough to circulate the refrigerated air without overworking the A/C unit. And they must be insulated properly to protect your walls, ceilings, and subframes from water damage. Water condenses on the cold lines if they are not properly insulated and can cause all sorts of havoc over time.

A/C Repairs

Air conditioning repairs are another service that we can carry out when problems arise. One of the common issues that homeowners experience is a clogged A/C drain. When the A/C unit cools down the refrigerant, it causes condensation. This water has to be drained to prevent oxidation and water damage to your home.

We also see refrigerant leaks. If the refrigerant level gets too low due to some bad seals, this can cause your compressor to overheat and to send shrapnel throughout the system. This makes it much harder to repair if you let it go. We can fix the worn seals and fully recharge your A/C unit, anywhere in Twin Falls or the surrounding regions.

Duct Repair Services

It is very common for the sealant in the duct work to become unglued when it is cheaply installed. This can cause the ductwork to buckle and to become disjointed. When your A/C unit is not able to pipe the cold air through the house efficiently, it will keep running until the temperatures are reached. This runs up your electric bills and can leak condensation into your walls.

General Services for Home Hearing

At Home Heating & Air Conditioning, we also focus on all types of heating services. Whether your thermostat is malfunctioning or you are having trouble with energy bills, we will do an energy audit of your home and help you to choose the right components.

Heat Pump Services

We also work hard to make sure that your heat pump is always working as it should. It is common to experience problems with refrigerant flow and for the compressor valves to breakdown. When the air isn’t heating up, it can even be traced to something as simple as a dirty air filter.

Furnace Repair

We have experience working on all types of furnaces in Twin Falls, Idaho. This means that we can pinpoint the problems without taking too much of your time. Furnaces can be tricky to work for technicians who lack experience.

Even if they charge low prices, they will eat up your time in diagnostics and tinkering. We know the common failure points for furnaces and have access to a full catalog of parts to repair them.

Furnace Tuneup

Because we are so skilled with furnaces, we even offer a furnace tune-up service. The tune-up looks at the drainage pipes to ensure that there are no clogs or restrictions. We pressure test gas pressure and the pilot light. We lubricate the belt drive and other assemblies. And we also provide a full inspection of your ductwork and the heating system.

Carbon Monoxide Protection

As part of our services in Twin Falls, Idaho, we also check for carbon monoxide. We can even install carbon monoxide alarms to ensure that your home is not being poisoned by this invisible killer. Carbon monoxide is absorbed into the human bloodstream 255 times faster than oxygen.

This gas is tasteless, odorless, and does not irritate your mucous membranes. Furthermore, it is absorbed into the body and can cause harm even in low-level concentrations over time.


One other key aspect of keeping your home comfortable is the humidity level. At Home Heating & Air Conditioning, we can help you to retain ideal humidity levels in the winter by installing these humidity machines. In most homes, the ideal humidity level is about 50 percent.

Thankfully, the A/C system is able to dehumidify the air in the summer months. In the winter, your heating system also dehumidifies the air at a rapid pace. In order to maintain comfort and to ensure that your home doesn’t turn into a dried-out matchbox, you have to replace that humidity with a humidifier.


Call Home Heating & Air Conditioning for a full range of services. We are committed to serving the needs of the community and provide the ultimate satisfaction guarantee. Don’t let your home investment deteriorate silently as your HVAC system runs inefficiently in the background. Call us today to schedule service.

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